Posted: August 6, 2014

In an age where more words equals more information, their is still a medium where less is more. Very often customers who are planning a billboard campaign will come to us with magazine copy. If they can add a seven page dissertation to a print ad that is only a few inches high by a few inches wide, then why not add a full blown novel to a billboard that is 14 feet by 48 feet wide. For starters, most billboards are seen for only 7 seconds or less. How many words can you read in seven seconds while trying to keep your car from careening off the road. You might thinks 10, maybe even 20, but the answer we like to preach is 7 words or less. Some of the best designs may only have one or two words. Remember the whole "Got Milk" campaign? It was an award winning campaign based only two word! The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" is something anyone designing billboard advertising should always keep in mind. A favorite story I like to tell is when "Coors Light" ran a billboard campaign back in the early nineties with "zero" words (unless you count the words on the Coors Light can). Let me set the stage... The design had an enlarged sweaty Coors Light can in the background, and a curvy model in a red swimsuit lying in front of the can. Only minutes after posting the design, traffic was brought to a near standstill. The sign hangers were then approached by "Coors Light Fans" to see if they could get a copy of the ad to take home and post on their garage wall. So here we have proof of two things. A picture IS worth a thousand words, and "sex sells". But I'll save the later for another blog.

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